(03) 9455 0822 After Hours (existing clients only): (03) 9483 7940. Contact Palliative Care Advice on 1800 360 000 for general information  
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Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.


Banksia is fortunate to have an incredible team of Volunteers that do so much for our organisation, directly with clients and in our office.

Administration Support 

Administration, printing, mail-outs and collating are just some of the essential help that our Administration Support Volunteers provide.

Our Administration Staff oversee and guide the volunteers in the important tasks that need to be completed.

Client Support

Our Client Support Volunteers perform the role of a non-medical support person and through visits, provide comfort and support to clients (patients), carers, and families.

They keep staff and team members, informed of any client, carer, or family concerns, and can also provide respite.

If you would like to engage a client support Volunteer, please call 9455 0822 or email volunteer@banksiapalliative.com.au.

Enquire how to become a Volunteer!

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer in any of the categories listed below, please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator at 9455 0822 or via email at volunteer@banksiapalliative.com.au

Volunteers are an integral part of the organisation, client support, and administration support.