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What the Team Can Offer

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.

What the Team Can Offer to Patients, Carers and Families


Banksia can offer the following services to our patients, carers and families.

  • Home Based Service with 24 hour telephone availability, to discuss concerns patients and carers may have,
  • Co-ordination of health services for patients living at home and close liaison with their General Practitioners and Specialists,
  • Specialist Palliative Care Nurses who have expertise in controlling symptoms, for example; pain,
  • Support via trained volunteers.  For example; companionship and respite in the home. How to become a volunteer
  • Liaison with all health services involved in the care of the patient,
  • Advance Care Planning,
  • Massage Therapy,
  • Music Therapy,
  • Social work,
  • Family and children support,
  • Patient and Carer Support Groups, (children, teenagers and adults)
  • Liaison and referral to other community services, such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and council services, such as home help and meals on wheels,
  • Bereavement Support,
  • Spiritual care support,
  • Counselling,
  • Palliative Care Physician to support complex care in conjunction with your GP.