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Our next session will be held online on Thursday 14th July at 3pm.
Banksia is now recruiting Volunteers. Banksia’s Award Winning Volunteers are an integral part of our service and aid in the delivery of quality, sustainable palliative care to clients in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs.
We understand that volunteering with a palliative care organisation can seem daunting but that’s why we work with you to match you, your skills and your interests to our clients and carers as best we can to make sure both of you are comfortable with the relationship. We are flexible with your work/life balance, and we will make sure you work the hours you prefer.
We provide comprehensive palliative training as part of our volunteer orientation program, ensure our volunteer have the skills, knowledge and confidence to support clients and/or carers. We constantly upskill and provide additional training to all our volunteers to ensure they feel empowered in their role.

We strive to make sure you feel 100% supported in your role volunteering with us and we welcome any feedback on how we can improve.

Worried you can’t commit?

If you want to make a difference but don’t feel like you can commit to a schedule based roster that’s completely OK! We have many services that are perfect for someone who needs more flexibility in their life but still wants to make a difference.

The following are a list of services that our volunteer team provide to support our clients and their carers:

  • Respite
  • Companionship
  • Admin Support
  • Biography writing
  • Digital Mentor Program

Come and join our friendly, award winning and caring team.

Our next session will be held on Thursday 14th July at 3pm.
To register, call us a call on 9455 0822 or email us for more information at volunteer@banksiapalliative.com.au.