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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.
Palliative care is available to support Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders with an illness that is likely to shorten their life.

It supports both you and your family to have the best quality of life as you travel on the journey to the Dreaming.

Aboriginal community-controlled health organisations and palliative care services can work together to meet your needs and respect your wishes and culture. The following information has been provided by Palliative Care Victoria.

Please contact us on 9455 0822 to discuss how we may assist you.

Understanding the palliative care journey

This guide aims to help Aboriginal people, their families and services understand what this palliative care ‘journey’ may hold for them and achieve the best possible care.

Individuals may request a free copy of this guide here.  Bulk purchase requests can be made here

Welcome to our Journey – VACCHO

Stories and reflections for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people about the journey of life and to the dreaming. Published by VACCHO, 2014

About Aboriginal palliative care – Leaflet

Information for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders about the help available from palliative care on the journey to the Dreaming.

Taking Control of Your Health Journey

An introduction about advance are planning for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders produced by Respecting Patient Choices.

Sorry Business

This booklet supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to journey into their wishes and preferences through ‘Sorry Business’ (life-limiting illness). Developed by PHN South Western Sydney in consultation with local indigenous communities, it has useful information about palliative care, where and how you can access it, how it can help and steps to take in planning ahead.

Sean Choolburra videos

Featuring the voice of multi-talented Sean Choolburra, the IPEPA animated series is five short films. Sean embarks on five journeys of understanding around palliative care and explores different aspects of what happens when we are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.