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Carer Education Sessions

What to expect when caring for someone with a life-limiting illness.

Many people do not expect to become carers, and are often fearful, confused and anxious about their role as a carer.

Our carer education sessions have been specially tailored to provide carers with opportunities to learn, understand and gain support from health professionals as they care for someone close to them.   Our team will discuss ways to care for your loved one, what to expect during this time, and equally as importantly – how to look after yourself during this time.

Hosted by our professional staff, the sessions provide education and support on the topics of:

  • What to expect when caring for someone with a life-limiting illness.
  • Self-care – the importance of looking after yourself during this time.
  • Question time. This is also an opportunity to ask questions, chat with other carers and discuss any concerns and challenges. You also find out a little more about the services that Banksia offers to both clients and carers.

These sessions are held bi-monthly and alternate between online and in person at our office.

These activities are free and available for carers of Banksia clients. One week after this Education Session, we invite attendees to join us for an optional Online Q & A Session to discuss anything at all.  (Our team will contact you after the Education Session with details of the Q&A and a link).

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