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Advnce Care Planning

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.

Advance Care Planning

The Banksia team also supports Advance Care Planning (ACP) discussions to ensure that client’s wishes and preferences are known should the situation arise when they are unable to speak for themselves.

Advance Care Planning is particularly important for people who are older and are frail, or people who have a chronic illness, multiple diseases, an early cognitive impairment, or are approaching their end of life.

An Advance Care Plan may involve appointing a Medical Treatment Decision Maker (MTDM) and completing an Advance Care Directive (ACD). An ACD answers the question, ‘What would I want to happen if I couldn’t speak for myself?’  It can also provide reassurance that, should the situation arise, loved ones will know wishes and how to speak and act on behalf of their loved one.

Banksia Palliative Care Social Workers can:

  • Discuss Advance Care Planning with clients and their families/carers.
  • Provide information regarding what to consider when appointing a Medical Treatment Decision Maker.
  • Assist clients to work out what is important to them to be included in ACD.
  • Facilitate a session with clients to complete the ACD documentation.

For more information or for Advance Care Planning Forms, click here. 


Advance Care Directive for Adults  Form – Advance Care Directive For Adults

Appointment of Medical treatment Decision Maker Form – Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker

Instructions for completing the advance care directive for adults

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