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Carer Support

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.

Support for Carers

The experience for carers can have various ups and downs – good days and not-so-good days. Carers may find that their support role may be at times very rewarding and satisfying. At other times, it may be difficult, worrying, and demanding, leaving a Carer feeling tired, frustrated, unsupported, and angry. It can be hard for some Carers to balance their needs with the needs of the person they are caring for. It may also be difficult for some to ask for help and support and or to receive this for themselves.

Carers may find themselves at risk of illness themselves if they are not open to receiving some support and at times respite for themselves. Some people feel guilty to ask for help. They may see this as ‘not coping’ or in some way letting their loved one down.

Despite how a Carer may feel given their love, responsibility, and desire to support a loved one, self-care is important to enable maintaining this role.

In support of Carers, Banksia offers a broad range of programs that are available to those providing care and support. These include:

  • Counselling
  • Telephone counselling or support
  • Carers Education Sessions
  • Carers Circle Morning and Afternoon Teas


Client and Carer Support

The Client and Carer Support program provides specialist support, training, and education to clients, families, and carers.  Initially funded by the East Melbourne Primary Health Network, the CCSP provides specialised support, education, and training to Banksia carers and clients.

The program aims to enable families and carers to feel safe, capable, and confident to provide care, so clients can remain in their own homes.

This program is run by Banksia’s team of Enrolled Nurses, who conduct expert assessments that establish where carers feel they need support and address these needs accordingly. The nurses, who are all highly skilled and experienced in the provision of care, attend the home and will consider all aspects of current and future needs, and will work closely with the family and carers to gain the best outcomes.

Carer Education Sessions

The team at Banksia provides carers with resources and tools to look after their loved ones. Caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness can be isolating, lonely, and confronting. Our groups and education sessions aim to provide carers with opportunities to share and learn new skills, socialise with others and gain support from health professionals, including tools and physical activities to care for one’s self.

Hosted by our professional staff providing education and support on the topics of:

  • What to expect when caring for someone with a life-limiting illness
  • Self-care – the importance of looking after yourself during this time
  • Question time

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Carers Circle – Morning and Afternoon Teas

The team at Banksia is committed to providing carers with resources and tools to look after their loved ones and also look after themselves. Caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness can be isolating, lonely, and confronting. Banksia has developed activities just for Carers, including regular morning and afternoon teas.  This is an opportunity for carers to get together with our staff in a relaxed informal atmosphere. 

If you are a carer of a Banksia client, we invite you to join us.  You can register, but you are more than welcome to just drop in should you decide on the day that you would like to join us.

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Bereavement Support

Our Service does not end with the death of your loved one.  Our Team offers Bereavement support in the weeks and months following the death, to provide support, and to help you manage your grief.

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Our services are provided at no cost to our clients and their carers.