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Carer Information

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Carer Information


For all information about Banksia Palliative Care Service Carers, please ring our Practice Leader Psychosocial  on 94550822.


The experience for carers can be one which has various ups and downs – good days and not so good days. Carers may find that their support role may be at times very rewarding and satisfying. At other times, it may be difficult, worrying and demanding, leaving a Carer feeling tired, frustrated, unsupported and angry. It can be hard for some Carers to balance their needs with the needs of the person they are caring for. It may also be difficult for some to ask for help and support and or to receive this for themselves.

Carers may find themselves at risk of illness themselves if they are not open to receiving some support and at times respite for themselves. Some people feel guilty to ask for help. They may see this as ‘not coping’ or in some way letting their loved one down.

I am not the one who has cancer, I am lucky, therefore this is my lot I have no real reason to complain.

I love my daughter so much, I can’t afford to let her know I am struggling.

A time will come when I will have all the time and rest I need. I have to stay strong, I love caring for him. No one could do it as well as me and he needs me now more than ever.

The comments above are not uncommon. They are understandable thoughts and feelings and are valid. Despite how a Carer may feel given their love, responsibility and desire to support a loved one, self-care is important to enable maintaining this role.

In support of Carers, Banksia offers a broad range of programs that are available to those providing care and support. These include:

  • One – on -one counselling
  • Telephone counselling or support
  • Small group work – sharing with others, Carers Information Seminars on a range of topics of interest.

Carer and Family Information Sessions

We offer monthly information sessions on a range of issues and topics including:

  • Supporting a family member or friend with a life limiting illness
  • Preparing for the death of a family member or friend
  • The physical and emotional aspects of caring
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • What is palliative care?
  • Information about wills, power-of-attorney, Centrelink and superannuation for families and friends
  • Symptom management in palliative care


CareSearch is an online resource of palliative care information and evidence. All materials included in the caresearch website are reviewed for quality and relevance.