(03) 9455 0822 After Hours (existing clients only): (03) 9483 7940. Contact Palliative Care Advice on 1800 360 000 for general information  
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information Booklets for Clients and Carers

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Office Hours: (03) 9455 0822

Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:00pm

After Hours: (03) 9483 7940

After 5:00pm and before 8:30am Monday to Friday.

Weekends and Public holidays. 

Contact 1300 360 000 for general palliative care information.

Client and Carer Information Booklets

We have developed two booklets, especially for Clients and Carers.  These may assist with answering questions you have, and also provide some guidance with what you are experiencing. Please contact us if you would like a hard copy.