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The Adventures of the Banksia Bear.

We want to live through our Banksia Bear and we’d love it if you coloured it in as you please and take it on all sorts of adventures around your house or in the community, remembering to take photos for us. #Banksiapallcare #BanksiaBear

Why Banksia Bear?

  • We have created a character to inject a bit of fun into the lives of Banksia staff members, our volunteers and the community as a whole. We would love you to download Banksia Bear to decorate and colour in as you please, with the option of taking photos of your bear doing activities and #livingthebestlife.

How you can help?

  • Take photos of your coloured-in bear, or our pre-coloured bear doing activities with you and/or your family, such as being buckled into the car for an outing, sharing a coffee or lunch with them etc. (Think about the elf on a shelf movement for inspiration).
  • Post your bear to your social media channels. Remember to tag us @banksiapallcare or use the hashtags #banksiapallcare, #banksiabear.

Below are some Banksia Bears that have returned from their adventures to be proudly displayed in our office. 

Click here to access your very own Banksia Bear to colour in and have adventures with… Banksia Bear Outline