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Financial Assistance

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.

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Does Banksia need financial assistance?

Please contact Banksia’s Executive Officer if you have any ideas or inquiries about how you can help Banksia financially, to meet the demand for its services or implement non-funded projects and initiatives. Banksia is always grateful for any financial assistance. Banksia needs to raise significant additional annual income from community contributions such as; grants, donations, bequests and fundraising. Banksia is funded by a combination of State and Federal government resources. However, funding for Palliative Care resources is limited.
Community Support and input is essential for Banksia to maintain its high level of service. Banksia is always open to discussions about forming partnerships, with respected community organisations and businesses for creating awareness of the essential services Banksia provides. Please contact our Community Liaison Coordinator if you would like to hold a fundraising event to aid Banksia.

Make a Donation

Every cent donated to Banksia goes directly to Banksia.
If you would like to support the free 24 hour specialist services Banksia provides to children and adults who have been diagnosed with a progressive terminal illness, the freedom of choice to choose to live at home with their carer and/or family please choose one of the following ways you can donate:

  • Visa or Credit Cards by phone – 613 – 94550822 or Download Donation Form
  • Give by mail – All cheques to 472 Lower Heidelberg Road Heidelberg – Melbourne – Victoria – 3084 Download Donation Form

We would be happy to talk to you in more detail about where the proceeds of your kindness are utilised. All funds donated go directly to Banksia Palliative Care Service.

Creating Awareness in our Community

Banksia has another group of volunteers who perform awareness activities. They attend at Shopping Centres during special events such as National Palliative Care Week. Fundraisers such as street stalls and sausage sizzles are important awareness activities getting the message out about Banksia. Any funds raised are greatly appreciated and needed by Banksia.

Please refer to “Volunteers” for more information

Banksia is always seeking to gain new members of any age. Our emphasis is on empowering volunteers to do what “interests them”.

Banksia Community Awareness Volunteers Jill Sanders Jean Sing,  and Joan O’Loughlin (left to right) with special guest, Actor Bud Tingwell, at Banksia’s volunteer recognition function, held during the 2007 Volunteer Week, at the Offices of Banksia Palliative Care Service.

Syringe Driver Appeal

Commenced October 2009 – Concluded June 2011


Syringe Drivers provide a vehicle for good symptom control and often enable patients to remain in their own HOME or in an Aged Care facility.  One  of their primary functions is to dispense medication to patients when they cannot swallow tablets.

We are so grateful for the wonderful support we have received from the following organisations and individuals, who have supported us to try and reach our target to service the communities, living in the council areas of Banyule, Nillumbik and Whittlesea.

All of these groups and individuals are making a difference to the quality of care to a person’s life, who is in need of one of these syringe drivers.

A Sincere Thank You.

Donors of Syringe Drivers
The Eltham Rural Group honoring the memory of former member Marlene Birch,
who was cared for by Banksia, x 1

The Federation Masters Group Preston and Northcote Lodge – Freemasons Victoria x 1

“The Bing Boys” Charitable Organisation x 1

The Rotary Clubs of Eltham, Bundoora, Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Heidelberg and Whittlesea honoring the memory of Marlene Birch, who was cared for by Banksia and wife of their very respected
member Gordon Birch x 2

The Rosanna Rotary Club and assisted by a smaller community donation. x 1

Freemasons Victoria Benevolent Fund x 1

Plenty Valley Freemasons Lodge x 1

City of Banyule Community Grant x 2

Community Members who wish to remain anonymous in memory of loved one x 1

Previously existing prior to commencement of Fund.

State and Federal Government Funded x 4