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Our Patrons

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.


Our Patron; Krista Vendy

In 2008 Banksia appointed its first patron, being model, actor and charity worker, Krista Vendy.  In the future, Banksia may appoint a male patron to assist Krista in her promotion of Banksia.

Krista has been a passionate supporter of Community Palliative Care and of Banksia’s fundraising events.  Krista comes from a family of charitable supporters.  Her father David, is a former Mayor of Ballarat, and is known for his support of hospices and of his passionate work concerning Historical Cities of the World.   Her brother Simon is a paramedic with a palliative care background, and her mother Christal has actively assisted causes such as homeless and disadvantaged youth.

Banksia is delighted that Krista has chosen Banksia and the concept of community palliative care, to be her special charity to support and promote.



Krista is currently based in Los Angeles and has been working in television and film and is producing her first film in late 2009.  Krista spends time in her hometown of Melbourne frequently throughout the year to work and visit family.

Krista is a former member of the cast of Neighbours and has had guest roles on  television, worked in film and has been a guest on several radio programs.

She has been interviewed  throughout the United Kingdom and Australia, including Rove, Burke’s Backyard, Good Morning Australia,  Live and Kicking and The Big Breakfast.   She has been a guest compere of charity and modelling events and has also been the Ambassador and “the face” of many major events.

Photo Insert: Krista Vendy signing auction items at Banksia's 2006 Major Fundraising Auction.

Krista Vendy signing auction items at Banksia’s 2006
Major Fundraising Auction.

Krista Vendy

Patron Krista Vendy (left), pictured with Julie Paul Executive Officer at Banksia’s Office on 20 May 2009, to celebrate National Palliative Care Week.

krista-vendy-3Some of the Banksia Team with Patron Krista Vendy (middle) at Banksia’s Office on 20 May 2009.

Krista’s particular interest is to create awareness that community palliative care is not just for elderly people, and pain relief based for a very short period of time.  She wants to promote that approximately 10 – 20 per cent of clients are under 60 years of age and 3 months is the average care period, which is expected to extend in the future.  She is very passionate that clients should have the choice to live at home and receive the best care and support to maximise their quality of life.

Where you would like to hear from Krista Vendy and her role as Patron of Banksia, please contact our Community Development Manager Tim Paul on phone 613 94550822 or email: timp@banksiapalliative.com.au