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Spiritual Care

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care at Banksia

The role of spiritual care at Banksia involves spending time with clients, carers and other family members who are seeking support to assist in various aspects of their experience.  This may include supporting discussion and reflection on life historically, in the present and future, making sense and meaning of experiences, discussing beliefs and values and how these impact on current experience.

Reflecting on some of the common questions individuals and families may have such as – why is this happening to me? how can I find hope? what do I need to do and say at this time? what may happen next are all valid and important questions.

The role of ritual, poetry, journal-keeping, letter writing, meditation and prayer as defined by the individual or family may be included in spiritual care support.

Referral to local agencies including faith communities may be provided as needed.

Sharing this safe space with the Spiritual carer worker helped me to finally name and own the struggles I had been carrying alone.

(Max 67).